Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Our goal is to provide you with answers to some of the most common questions that are asked of the Technology Department. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please be sure to contact the Helpdesk for further assistance.

 What is my network login information?

Your network login information is the combination of a username and password that is used to access our network.  If you wish to use any corporation-owned desktop or laptop, or a student who is attempting to use a district-issued mobile device, you must enter that information "login" and utilize the device. Your username is your first and last name separated by a period: "first.last"  Your password is whatever you have changed it to after logging in for the first time. If you need assistance resetting your network password, please contact a member of the Technology Department.

 What is my email login information and how do I access email?

Students in grades 3-12 and all staff are provided with access to corporation-owned email. You can access your email anywhere you have access to the internet, either on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Your username is your first and last name, separated by a period, followed by our email domain:  " first.last@southmont.k12.in.us"  Your password is whatever you have changed it to after logging into your email for the first time. If you forgotten your password, you can request assistance in resetting it by choosing the "Can't Access Your Account" option on the Outlook Web Application (see below) or by contacting any member of the Technology Department. You can access email in any of the following manners:

  • Use the Outlook Web Application: Using any web browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari) on an internet-connected device, navigate to outlook.com/southmont.k12.in.us. It is here that you can request assistance if you have forgotten your password.
  • Use Microsoft Outlook: If you have Microsoft Office installed on your desktop computer, you can set up Outlook with your school-issued email. You will have to follow on-screen prompts during the setup in order to establish a local copy of your email account.
  • OWA (Outlook Web App): You can download the Outlook Web App from the App Store for free and set up a local copy of your mailbox on your iPad. You will want to do this on our wifi network, as a connection with the Microsoft system is already established and the setup will be easier for you.
  • iPad Mail Account

Am I required to set up an Apple ID and, if so, how do I do so?

Yes, unfortunately, Apple requires that, in order to get the most productivity from your iPad, you need to create an Apple ID (if you are under 13, you must set one up with a parent). After doing so, you will then have access to apps from both the App Store and iTunes (Apple's app distribution systems) and our App Portal (on your device). While a lot of the apps that we will distribute are free (and you can download them from the App Store), some are not. The district will purchase licenses for paid apps, associate those licenses with the app and, when you download the app, allow you to utilize the app at no cost to you. Sometimes, apps will be directly distributed to your iPad's desktop and will simply appear and ask you for your Apple ID. Before you can utilize the App Portal, or take advantage of managed distribution by our department, you must open the App Portal for the first time and accept the invitation to participate in the managed distribution program (you will only have to do this once).

To set up a free Apple ID, go to appleid.apple.com. There you will have the option to create a new account. If you used an Apple ID last year, you can also use this website to assist if you have forgotten your Apple ID password. Using your existing Apple ID will give you access to any apps that you redeemed from our department last year.