"Engaged.  Challenged.  Prepared for Success."

Southmont Schools consider technology integral to our learning environment and believe that it will only continue to grow in importance and availability.  Offering a one-to-one environment, where every student is provided access to a mobile device to use as an engaging learning tool, is a clear means for helping students become 21st century ready.  The complete integration of technology into our school environment will ensure our students are engaged, challenged and prepared for success.

Goals of our 1:1 Initiative, beyond preparing students to be meaningful contributors and impactful leaders in as society saturated with technology, include:

  • Prepare students for similar learning platforms they will use in higher education or the workforce.
  • Streamline processes for students and to increase productivity and organization.
  • Increase collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Reduce paper use.
  • Increase engagement for students with their learning process.
  • Increase the time a teacher has for working with students in class.
  • Provide 21st century tools to aid in the learning process and increase 21st century learning skills.
  • Enhance learning and improve communication.
  • Increase students' ownership of their learning and the learning process.
  • Connect users to both our local and global community.
  • Utilize a wide array of digital educational educational materials.

Southmont Schools and the Board of Trustees, therefore, provide students, staff and the community reasonable access to a variety of technological resources.  These resources provide opportunities to students and employees while remaining within the bounds of safe, legal and responsbile use.  Beginning SY 2017-2018, all students in grades K-2 will be provided an iPad Gen 4 and all students in grades 3-12 will be provided a Dell Chromebook.  Students, now more than ever, will have greater opportunities to direct their learning, access more information and engage a larger community in intellectual discourse.  Learning is no longer restricted by the pages in a book, the four walls of a classroom or number of hours in a school day.

"Research is clear that to ensure student success, education must move from a teacher-centric to a learner-centric approach. One-to-one programs create the opportunity for authentic personalization of teaching and learning for each student. With access to personal portable technologies in a wireless environment students can learn at their own pace, ability levels, and take advantage of the worldwide experiences and resources available online-and just in time. Teachers become facilitators of powered up learning experiences – meaningfully linking technology to curriculum and instruction."

- One-To-One Institute